Through E2 technology, Real Water Concentrate adds hundreds of millions of free electrons to the water; this changes the ionization of water, and increases its pH, changing acidic water to a much healthier, alkaline pH.


One bottle of the Real Water Concentrate drops can convert an average of 60 bottles of water to alkaline water, thus saving you money on your healthy water choices. You can also add the Real Water Concentrate to tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, clear soups, and most other water-based beverages – even alcoholic drinks. Real Water Concentrate is tasteless, so any drink you add it to is just as enjoyable, with the added benefits of healthy, alkaline pH.

REAL WATER - Alkalized Water Concentrate

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  • Add a few drops of Real Water Alkalized Water Concentrate to any cup of water for instant benefits!

    • Antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals
    • Neutralizes chlorine and fluoride
    • Optimal for cellular hydration
    • Promotes body alkalinity
    • Helps with nutrient delivery to cells