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Krazy Klean is made up of two elements - Chemical-free technology.


* Hydro-Mineral Magnets - prevent minerals in water forming a group together into a stain.

* Bact-o-Bane - is made up of the house of resins that Krazy Klean can live and stay in the water for years.

  • Krazy Klean is an automated toilet bowl cleaner that prevents stains from dirty minerals, you will only need soap and water to disinfect your bowl.



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 Buy 3 Units - Use Promote Code K243

 Buy 4 Units - Use Promote Code K244

Krazy Klean

    • Clean toilet bowl by removing any pre-existing stains.
    • Lift the lid of the tank.
    • Remove Krazy Klean from the packaging.
    • Drop Krazy Klean in the corner of the tank.
    • Flush the toilet a few times to circulate the water.
    • Watch the Krazy Klean does the magic
    • Zero Chemicals
    • Recycle Plastic
    • Certified BPA Free
    • No Water Pollution
    • 100% Safe for families and pets

    Enjoy 10 years of hassle-free cleaning with our Hydro-Minerald Magnet Technology.


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