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The Greenspeed® Twist Mop is ideal for cleaning hard floors. The long.3″ piles make the Twist Mop perfectly suited for tiled and other types of uneven floors. The Velcro back and loop on the side, ensures an easy way to remove and change the mop as needed.


We recommend washing the mop prior to initial use with liquid detergent safe for colors (without brighters). 


*product color may slightly differ from picture*


    •  Fast cleaning of scratch resistant floors.
    •  Velcro back for fast and easy changing.
    •  Loop handle for No-touch removal.
    •  Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning.
    • Doesn’t spread dirt
  • Dimensions: 18.1” x 5.1”
    Composition: 50% microfiber, 50% polyester
    Weight: ± .26 oz.

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