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The Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth is the ideal tool for daily cleaning of almost every surface. This high quality, durable cloth, dampened with only water, can remove dirt faster and more effectively than the traditional cloth with detergent! It also has unique cleaning and absorbing capabilities such as being able to absorb over six times it’s own weight and not leaving streaks on cleaned surfaces.


*product color may slightly differ from picture*

GREENSPEED - The Original Microfiber Cloth

    • Premium, hospital grade quality imported from Holland.
    • Cleans almost any surface.
    • Unique cleaning power and absorbency (absorbs 6X its own weight).
    • Can be washed at least 600 times (minimum) and tumble dried.
    • Strong edge finish to prevent shrinkage.
    • No streak marks left behind
  • Dimensions: 15.7″ x 15.7″
    Composition: 100% microfiber
    Weight: ±0.11 oz

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