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The Ulitmate Instant Bird's Experience !

Tired of lengthy preparation times for your favorite delicacy? then say goodbye to the hassle with our revolutionary Instant Bird's Nest Soup!

Just open the lid, pour water, pull the string, and Voila - within 5 minutes, you'll indulging in piping hot, steaming Bird's Nest Soup.

Our instant Bird's Nest Soup isn't just about convenience.  Packed with natural goodness of collagen, it's your ticket to radiantskin and improved overall health.  Each spoonful delivers a nourishing boost, helping you glow from the inside out.

Freeze Dried Bird's Nest Soup with Cordyceps

    1. Open the lid
    2. Peel the seal 
    3. Add ingredient if you prefer
    4. Pour drink water into the bowl
    5. Close the lid
    6. Gentle/slowly pull the red string all the way
    7. Take from 3 to 5 minutes to warm up the bowl
    8. Open the lid use the spoon to stir the Bird's Nest
    9. Enjoy the Hot/Warm Bird's Nest Soup
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