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What is The UVC Light?

Within the range of Ultraviolet lights exists the shortest range of UV (from 100-280 nm) that is categorized as germicidal - giving it the ability to kill or inactivate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa - including COVID-19 coronavirus


- Featuring both Mobile Models.

- Inactivates pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

- Highly effective against dangerous viruses and bacteria including SARS, Salmonella, E-Coli, Polio, Strep, and Rotaviruses.


This product emits a 254 nm wavelength of UVC energy. The mobile system is a germicidal ultraviolet system that is intended to disinfect high touch surfaces and areas.


The disinfection that comes from UVC light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses and they cannot build up an immune response to it.



Autonomous Disinfection Robot (ADR): By combining the power of UVC lights with an autonomous mobile platform, the ADR s able to disinfect large spaces like airport terminals, manufacturing plants, office lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias effectively without any human interaction and/or supervision. Intelligent onboard sensors enable the robot to avoid obstacles yet perform the disinfection service safely and continuously. Data is made available to track the robot’s runtime, location and disinfection history.


Best Use Case:

Hallways / Lockers                      


Athletic Facilities

Grocery Stores

Latge Commercial Offices

Church / Temple Building



UV-C can be used for a variety of spaces including, but not limited to:

  • Offices 
  • Day Cares
  • Transportation
  • Health clinics
  • Dental Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Nails Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Assisting Living Facilities
  • Surgery Center


Please Note: This product is intended for commercial use.


UV-C Robot Disinfecting System *Call for Pricing*


    • Completely autonomous
    • Automatic charging
    • Adaptable to changing room configurations
    • Minimum 4 hours disinfection runtime
    • 100 + amp-hour battery for lights and controls
    • Dual charging station
    • Integrated sensors for terminating UVC light
    • Robot operates without external wi-fi or tablet connectivity
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