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We need to be prepared for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster and Ready America has the solution. They have developed a 4 Person Emergency Kit with  the essentials that a family of four would need for ~3 days. You will find the basic essentials to help you and your family get through any emergency. Make sure you have one in your home, office, or car.

Grab N Go - Four Person Emergency Backpack 3 Days

  • Emergency Kit Contains:
    (4) Food Bars (2400 Calorie)(5-year shelf life)
    (4) Boxes of Water (1 Liter) (5-year shelf life)
    (4) Emergency Ponchos
    (4) Survival Blankets
    (1) First-Aid Kit (107 pieces)
    (4) Emergency Lightsticks (12-hr)
    (8) Nitrile Gloves
    (4) Disposable Dust Masks
    (4) Pocket Tissue Packs
    (1) Pair of Leather Gloves
    (4) Safety Goggles
    (1) Emergency Whistle
    (3) Bio-Hazard Bags
    (12) Pre-Moistened Towelettes
    (1) Backpack

    *Actual contents or product packaging may vary from that shown in the photo.

  • Approx. backpack dimensions: 14 in. x 11 in. x 9 in.


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