The Mediheal Placenta Revital Essential mask is a repairing mask with placenta extract and chitosan as its main ingredients. The mask provides the needed nutrition and moisture to keep the skin resilient, healthy and radiant for a long period of time. It likewise protects skin from various environmental stressors. 25 ml.


Energizing ingredients like hydrolzed placenta or chitosan give your skin sufficient elasticity and nutrition and keep your skin that can easily turn rough shinier and healthier.


Please note that this is an international product, meaning it may have been produced under different health and safety guidleines than similar products made in the US. Please read all included instructions prior to use.

Mediheal - Placenta Revital Mask Essential Mask (10 pcs)

    • 'Clear Fit' has excellent effect in V-zone care and it tightens facial line and also the Clear Fit function enables sheet transformation by changing the white sheet to transparent type
    • Gel Type Essential Mask
    • Promotes clear and bright skin
    • 10 individually packaged masks per box.
    • Made in Korea