Generate up to 1,300 gallons (5,000 liters) of clean water every day that is extracted from the air.


Large Scale (LS) System is aimed at schools, hospitals, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories, and off-grid settlements. LS provides a robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water.


Requiring no infrastructure other than an electricity supply, this plug-and-drink solution is a robust and renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water.

GEN-L SCALE *Call for Pricing*

    • Industrial Scale Atmospheric Water Generator
    • Provides fresh, clean, drinking water
    • Multi-stage filtration cascade ensures high quality water
    • Water reservoir and treatment keep water fresh
    • Ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, villages, factories, farmers and off grid settlements,  and communities that rely on bottled water
    • Generates up to 1,300 gallons (5000L) of clean fresh water daily
    • Plug and drink solution, requires no infrastructure except electricity
    • Water generation capacity up to 1,300 gallons / 5,000 liters day
    • Electricity Supply 3 phase 400, 480 VAC / 50, 60 Hz
    • Water efficiency generation 350Wh/liter
    • Dimemsion (LxWxH)  9.34ft x 7.31ft x 8.66 ft / 2.85m x 2.23m x 2.64m (Height size considered with legs)
    • Weight  5,791lbs / 2,630kg
    • Power consumption up to 60 kW *h
    • Air filtration HyDensity (HD) air fitration
    • Water purification technology  Based on dual sidement filtration, activated carbon, micro filtration, mineralization, UV microbiological treatment